Relax.  We've got this.

Long-term care facilities can get behind on MDS completion for many reasons - turnover, leave, skills gaps and much more. MDS Completion services from MDS Consultants offer short-term or long-term help - in exactly the amount you need. No onerous consulting fees or contracts.

No matter what level of MDS support you need, MDS Consultants can help. We offer completion of all types of MDS Assessments and can handle the CAA process for your team, too.

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Get caught up on MDS Completion - Fast and easy

Need Extra Hands?

Does your MDS Coordinator need a little help to get back on track with MDS Completion?

Temporarily Short-Staffed?

Do you need your MDSs completed due to FMLA or an MDS Coordinator vacancy?

Review your MDS's Accuracy

Would you like an MDS Data Integrity Audit to ensure MDS accuracy?

New MDS Completion packages

MDS Consultants have launched two new support packages for long-term care facilities facing staffing challenges.  These new packages offer customizable MDS completion support.

Comprehensive MDS Completion - just $195

MDS Consultants will complete a full MDS Assessment with CAA Completion.

  • Annual
  • Significant Change
  • Admission
  • Admission/5 day



We can provide your organization with 8 hours of MDS Completion time.  It can be any combination of Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive MDS Assessments.


Non-Comprehensive MDS completion - Just $90

MDS will complete MPAF or Short Form MDS Assessments as required.

  • Quarterly
  • Standalone 5-day
  • Interim Payment Assessment (IPA)
  • All discharge MDS’s
  • End of PPS Part A Stay (NPE)
  • Other State Required Assessment (OSA)

MDS Audit - Just $350

MDS Consultants will complete a review of 1 MDS Assessment.  You will receive a comprehensive written document of any question on the MDS that does not match our experts' recommended answer.  It will show precisely where the information can be located in the MDS 3.0 RAI Manual, to substantiate our recommendation.

Ultimate MDS Coordinator Training packet - just $499

This packet has everything you need to know about MDS Completion.  We provide this as part of our remote MDS Coordinator Training Program.  We took all the items located in various federal manuals and documents and made a package of resources so the MDS Coordinator could have everything at their fingertips to get started in their MDS Career.

About MDS Consultants

MDS Consultants is known in the Long-Term Care Industry as a resource for many Skilled Nursing Facilities specific to MDS Completion, MDS Accuracy and training. We pride ourselves in our ability to promote a learning environment for staff that is nurturing.

MDS Consultants strives to help Long-Term Care Facilities create an environment of quality care and fiscal responsibility through comprehensive MDS completion services.


You don't know how much we appreciated your guidance during the worst time ever to have a transition.  Your assistance was exactly what we needed!

Nursing Home Administrator

Voorhees, NJ

MaryGrace has been fantastic and we were so lucky to have her here helping us.

Nursing Home Administrator

Newark, NY

Karen did an exceptional job while the DOH was here for our survey. She answered their questions and provided them with the necessary documentation, which made one of their issues go away. I truly appreciate all that Karen has done.


Nursing Home Administrator

Getzville, NY