Ultimate MDS Coordinator Training Packet


This packet has everything you need to know about MDS Completion.  We provide this as part of our remote MDS Coordinator Training Program.  We took all the items located in various federal manuals and documents and made a package of resources so the MDS Coordinator could have everything at their fingertips to get started in their MDS Career.

The Ultimate MDS Coordinator Training packet includes the following printed items:

  • Chapter 3 of the MDS RAI Manual – Perfect Bound
  • 1 set of PDPM Scoring Cards
  • The Policy on Gradual Dose Reduction
  • McGeers Criteria
  • Med-Pass Medication List for MDS Completion
  • BRIGGS Paper Comprehensive MDS
  • PDPM Resource Guide
  • Quality Measure Manual
  • Chapter 8 of the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual
  • CAA Writing Tips
  • ADL Algorithm
  • List of Opioid Medications
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